The Horse Beautician

Author: Jeff (53)

Many years ago, I took my wife to the horse races. As she is a lover of horses, we went for a walk through the stable so she could have a look at these magnificent beasts before their races.

We happened upon a beautiful little filly in her stall and her attendants were grooming her and treating her like a queen. My wife locked eyes with this horse and started talking to her like any normal woman in the salon being made up before a night out would. “Oh yes your hair is beautiful”, “don’t you have pretty eyes” and the like.

The horse attendants then started painting her hooves, so my wife then says ” Oh yes and having your nails done, you are a beautiful little girl”. As we walked away, I noted the name of the horse from the wall of the stable. Later in the day I told my wife, “that little filly you were talking to earlier in the day is in the next race.”

Now, a big bet for my wife is $2 each way but for this little girl I put on $10.

As she crossed the line in front of the field my wife was so happy she had to go down and thank the horse for her efforts. It was the last time we got to see the horse race live but my wife followed her throughout her very successful racing career and we still talk about the day my wife got to meet “Belle De Jour”.

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