The Big Move

Author: Patrick (68)

Forty years living in the same house in the Melbourne eastern suburbs where the kids were born, we never moved; kindergarten, primary school, high school, sport and university were all never more than fifteen minutes from home.

At 21st birthday celebrations my kids friends came along, we realized those who came were mostly all known from child care and kindergarten – you have to say that’s something special!

About seven years ago the young adults moved onto house sharing, working and overseas trips. They would come home for a night or two but mostly they were out.

Then came the time when we decided to sell up. My kids, perhaps indifferent, their childhood friends devastated. A lot had lost their childhood homes, to parents divorce, or their family had already sold up. We were last part of their history, a place to come and visit and remember!

Then came the packing  and the rubbish. The kids stuff still in their rooms, the dozen pairs of basketball boots, the basketballs, the footballs, the toys , the clothes, the diaries, the shells, the old show bags. We sent pictures to the kids; come and get it or its gone! That was hard in many instances.

All those memories, all that stuff you accumulate. We have our photo albums and we kept some toys and doll collections…a good thing too as we will be grand parents soon!

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