Suddenly Single

Author: Sharon (53)

Wow you are heading towards the half a century, your kids have careers and you start to have freedom and YOU think you have a happy marriage. Until the bombshell hits that your husband has been having an affair and your whole world falls apart, not just for you but your whole family…suddenly you are single!

What do you do ?

You either fall in a heap or fight back and take charge of your life!

Which is what I did, thank goodness for girlfriends who help and support you throughout this hell called divorce.

I joined a gym – first time in my life I cried almost every day I was there! I lost 3o kilos, I started saying yes when girlfriends invited me out with their husbands. They never made me feel like the third wheel.

Life is a journey and sometimes we have to surrender to what is happening and just get on with it – not look at it as a failure but as part of the journey.

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