Start living

Author: Sandra Bowley (71)

I survived breast cancer at the age of 38 and it changed my life. I was in an unhappy marriage and decided if I survived I would make a new life for myself.

Survive I did and left my husband and started living. I am fitter now at the age of 71 than I have ever been. I have a personal trainer, I eat a low carb diet and enjoy every day of my life.

I run my own financial planning business but only work 4 days a week. I love my rugby league and my team the Bulldogs, I love skydiving and water skiing, I spend time with my three children and 11 grandchildren. I have a new husband who I adore who gives me time to be myself.

I have travelled more in the last 20 years than I did in the previous 50 . I am planning a trip to England next year with my sister to see where we grew up, as we have never been back and as a ten pound pommy at the age of 12 I would love to go back and see all the places I knew as a child.

I try and give back to others who are struggling and do a lot of pro bono work for the Cancer Council. I also give my time to new financial planners by mentoring them.

My lesson to everyone is to enjoy every day. Try and find something to be happy about. Live life to the full and you never know when it will end. Get help if you find you are depressed, as I wish my brother had put up his hand as he committed suicide at the age of 60 three years ago and I did not read the signs.

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