Social media influencers in our 50’s!

Author: Belinda Smith (53)

Who would have thought, that deciding to start a business with a lifelong best friend of the same name, would lead to this. A simple statement “you’ve flipped houses all of your life and I’ve always added value to homes for equity. I wonder if we should do something together to help the young ones?” has turned into brand ‘The 2 Belindas’, Social media influences and accidental bloggers – in our 50’s!!

We’ve never had more fun or felt more fulfilled. The magic that happens outside your comfort zone has been very true for us. We have gone from “how do I send an attachment by email” to blogging, posting on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube AND appearances on TV , speaking at property bootcamps and radio, helping people with renovations and all things related….. property purchases, finance, insurance, feasibility studies, decor, fittings and fixtures etc.

Good times. Really good times. And we’re not dead yet. Not even close, in fact we’ve only just begun.

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