My Musical Journey

Author: Norma

My journey has been an amazing one from a little bush kid onto the world stage.

My musical journey has taken me around the world and into the homes of many Australians. My music is uniquely Australian and my songs are stories of pioneers, legends and heroes but also songs of love and hope.

I am very proud to be a third generation Irish/Australian and I believe in my country, I believe we truly are the lucky country even with our droughts & floods and all the challenges we face.

This country has made us who we are and we are some of the toughest and most resilient people in the world . When I toured overseas I discovered there is no language barrier where-ever you go, and music really is the universal language! It crosses all borders and includes all people.

I believe that music is love and love is music – that truly is the best message to share with the world.

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