From Redundancy to Saving Lives

Author: Debra (54)

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason.
Nearly 6 years ago now I was made redundant and was left feeling less than worthy, little did I know at the time that there was more than one reason this happened.

I decided to take some time out and have a couple of months off to decide what to do next maybe change course etc.
Just before Christmas though my world was further rocked by the news that my partner of 10 years had cancer and would need an operation followed by daily radio therapy and weekly chemo. My new purpose had arrived, driving an hour each way every day 6 days a week to support my partner.

Thankfully 5 years on he is clear, a lot has changed since then, we moved, I applied for job after job even in the end applying for casual retails positions locally but not many people want to employ someone just over 50.

My son who was living with us at the time moved out and took his dog with him. The dog had been my companion during the day and my exercise. My partner was travelling again for work and this was increasing and I was on my own a lot, with relatives and friends over an hours drive away. I started wondering what to do with myself and whilst we wanted a dog we still wanted to be free to travel a little and go visit relatives for the weekend. That’s when I discovered Fostering of dogs! Not only would it fill my day and give me company but I could help the group in other ways with admin, transport etc but most of all it has given me the greatest gift that none of my previous jobs had given me – I was making a difference! Not only to the dogs who were destined for a one way trip to the vet but to the families that adopt them.

I don’t earn cash but what I get is invaluable.

You don’t need a 6 figure salary or even a job to feel that you are contributing or you are worthwhile as a human being, I cry every time a foster dog leaves with their new family but they are tears of joy knowing they will be treasured and loved.

I learnt that not working anymore has become a wonderful experience.

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