Don’t Talk to a Man While he is Reading

Author: Diane (55)

In 1992, I had just arrived from England. My then boyfriend (now husband) and I were on holiday driving around WA in a rented camper van.

It was my turn to fill up with petrol. Not being used to unleaded petrol ( it was still mostly leaded back then in the UK), I asked him if the van took leaded petrol as both leaded and unleaded were for sale. “Yes” he replied. I couldn’t work out why the petrol hose nozzle was too big to fit the opening to the tank, but struggled on and managed to fill the tank with leaded petrol, dripping it in slowly.

When I mentioned to my boyfriend the trouble I had filling the tank, he leaped out of his seat horrified that I had put leaded fuel in when it needed unleaded, damage would be caused to the engine, etc. When I pointed out that I had asked him about the petrol, he replied,” You should know not to ask me anything while I am reading! I wasn’t listening properly and can’t be responsible for my answer!”

I know this to be true as he has done the same thing many times over the years.

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