iPhone Tricks

Author: Ahmed (58)

The older I get, the worse my eyesight is. I bet that happens to a lot of you, yes?

Well my grandson has blown me away with the below tricks – I can now use my phone without putting on my glasses! Check them out below.


This helps for reading small prints.

The magnifier can be found on your phone by going to:

Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier > and set it to on.

Once enabled, triple click the home button to open your magnifier.

Larger Text

Change the font size on your iPhone to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate.

To make the screen text larger on your iPhone go to:

General > Settings > Accessibility > Larger Text.

You’ll see there is a slider to choose the best size of font.

Voice Texting

If you struggle typing on these small phones, try Voice Texting. Just be sure to speak clearly so your phone can capture exactly what you want to say. Then press send!

To turn on voice text:

Open the text conversation > Click on the text box to bring up your keyboard > Click the microphone icon > Speak your message.

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