Bush Bash

Author: Casey (70)

In regard to the lack of housing affordability these days, I feel it timely to point out that breaking into the real estate market has never been easy, in fact no easier than it is today.
Of course, if a young person or couple wish to move into their dream home, complete with all the furniture and appliances their hearts desire plus the state-of-the-art car and all the technological goodies, it is indeed an impossible dream for all.

I did it my way. At the age of thirty or so, I was sick of paying rent and seeing my hard-earned money tumble into someone else’s pockets, and so I finally got off my backside and did something different.

I put down the deposit on a rural block of land out in the Central West, in an area known as Lahey’s Creek. It was about forty kilometers from the nearest town, and had neither water nor electricity. I also bought a camper van to live in, and still had enough beans left in the jar to have a 6×6 meter shed put up on the block.

I had a steady job in a factory at the time, and drove cabs on the weekends, which gave me enough to live on and pay back the money I’d had to borrow for the van and the shed. I now had something to live in and somewhere to store my stuff, and a refuge to retire to when the factory closed for the Christmas Break.
For years I showered at work or at the various Surf Clubs on the Northern Beaches, slept in the van (luckily, the boss saw the wisdom in allowing me to park it in the factory yard, seeing an advantage in having a cheap nightwatchman on the premises), and when the opportunities arose, took refuge on my 25-acres and organised a water supply, an old kerosene fridge, a flush toilet, and various other things to make life more live-able.

Eventually, I amassed enough money to go halves with my girlfriend and buy a house on the Central Coast. Eventually, we bought another property, and now we’re more than comfortable with a nice place to live overlooking the water, and near to the shops, pubs and club.

It’s easy, really. You just have to be prepared to rough it a little, maybe live in an unlined tin shed for a few years, learn how to use tools, brew your own grog, and do without a few luxuries.

Time to stop whining about the cost of living and learn to live more economically. Good Luck…and remember, the harder you work, the luckier you get.

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