Every week since the day we were married (over 60 years ago) my husband has come home and handed me his pay packet. He then waits patiently to be given back his train fare for the week. Every week I would offer him money to put back in his wallet to which he would always decline.
He has taken a packed lunch and morning tea for all that time as well.

We have raised 3 beautiful daughters, we are not rich, but have always had enough to live on. It took us a long time to pay off our first house which cost 2000 pounds. We then built a house which we have just sold after nearly 35 years and are finally comfortable. We have been able to help all our girls as they have needed it and for the first time we have purchased all new furniture. We have tried to teach our girls that if you want something WAIT FOR IT until you have the money. It is way too easy to get into debt now days.

You know we still get our pension out every fortnight and instead of handing hubby his train fare he now gets $50 a fortnight to put in his wallet.

And would you believe it, he still hands me back what he hasn’t spent at the end of the fortnight.

He always says it’s OK I have enough to live on, I don’t need that much!!!!

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