I grew up in a dairy farm at Mount Pleasant near Dayboro some 50 km from Brisbane.

At age 16 I joined the Queensland Police Force as a Cadet. I spent the next 37 years as a police officer. I rose to the rank of Detective Inspector with 25 years in the Criminal investigation Branch. This included 7 years in the State Homicide Squad.

My wife died three years ago after a five year battle with multiple myeloma cancer. I was her carer and during those years I decided to write my memoirs. I completed this project just after she died. My memoirs tell of my years growing up on the farm and true accounts of many interesting events during my uniform police days and detailed accounts of twelve major homicide investigations in which I was directly involved.

I received five Police Commissioner Commendations as a result of these investigations. I was also a member of the Police Task Force selected to investigate allegations of corruption during the Fitzgerald Inquiry which resulted in the Police Commissioner and other senior police officers receiving lengthy prison sentences.

Writing these memoirs was a great experience and helped me through those tough times. These memoirs are there for my family. I am searching for a publisher which if it did occur would be great but if not at least I have put my story down.

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