A Thailand Retiree

Author: Keith (72)

I arrived in Phuket, Thailand in November 1988 and started a fresh lamb and beef company, importing direct from Perth. I then started a houseboat company in Phang Nga Bay north of Phuket. Since then, I have retired in Prachaup Khiri Khan which is about 240km south of Bangkok.

The lifestyle here is very peaceful right on a Bay and living is cheap. After only a few hiccups in my businesses, I can now live very comfortably on my pension. My rent is B8000 ($300 AUD) per month in a 3 bedroom house with 3 toilets and air conditioning in the main bedroom, a haircut and shave $4, ice cold big bottles of beer $2, an Australian breakfast with coffee at $4 and plenty of fresh seafood!

I spend most of my time looking after a hydroponic garden and a few tanks of Marron and writing a fiction novel.

The title of the novel is CLAIM DENIED, and takes 2 men travelling from Perth to Thailand. It takes them through the back blocks of Thailand and up to the border of Burma, followed by Private Investigators, Thai Police and Australian Police both in Thailand and Western Australia. Maybe I’ll publish this book in the next few months.

It is very easy to travel throughout Southeast Asia and very cheap. Life is great and everyone should have a good day – I know I will!

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